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Internships in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Macedonia, Kosovo and many more ... go Europe or International and widen your competencies and qualifications.


We have 14 years experience with internships, apprenticeships and project working / learning in Europe: Since the year 2000 we are working successfully with internships in Europe, some years later we startet with apprenticeships and project learning for different organisations. Within the first years only in Switzerland. Then we widened our network for new nations in Europe and in Eastern Europe. We have a handselected prime network and call it International Internship Network I-I-N. We are close collaborating with CEO's, chairmans, presidents from different organisations, as well as with ambassadors and ministers from different nations.

General information: The internship placement within the International Internship Network (I-I-N) is a free-of-charge service from I-C-Q for students. Please feel free to chose whether you would like to undertake an internship with friends, study colleagues, or alone. Tell us more about your wishes in the questionnaire. After the introductory phase of the internship, competent students may earn a salary or "internship fee" for their work from their internship companies/institutions. Financial aid in terms of accommodation and living expenses is also possible, again provided by the specific internship company or institution. Internship placements via the International Internship Network (I-I-N) can be undertaken in Europe or internationally, and may begin at any time during the year. The length of such an internship varies by choice, generally from a few weeks up to a year. Internships may be absolved before, during or after your studies, and are available in any professional, technical or academic field. Multiple internships in different institutions can be combined.


i International Internship Network (I-I-N)

A successful internship experience in Europe brings certificates, acknowledgements, and important references for the future, a crucial step ahead of the competition. This is gold for any career, and significantly increases the success rate of job applications, and a decent introductory salary after graduation.

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